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Camping Trip with Papak 2017

Hi everybody! It’s Phoenix!

Just got back from my annual camping with Papak.

Well actually, we only camped for three nights because we were heading into a big thunderstorm so the last night, we camped out at a hotel and scavenged around for some sushi. Really roughing it.

The highlight of this week was bonding with Papak . . . and the wieners supremes ( bacon stuffed hotdogs, wrapped in bacon) that we made over the campfire. This is a necessary annual ritual for Papak and I. No bacon? No camping trip!

I improved on my use of an axe on the firewood.

We did lots of swimming but we didn’t canoe or fish because that was on our schedule for the second last day but we were roughing it in the hotel by that point. We did enjoy our annual fish and chips dinner – we just didn’t catch that particular fish. We didn’t do much over the campfire because the firewood was so wet and that was disappointing. A raccoon knocked down two of our chess pieces while we were sleeping – I guess that’s better than eating them!

When I was on my bike, a little chipmunk ran under my tire and if I hadn’t breaked suddenly, I would have crushed him. I didn’t want guts all over my wheel so I’m glad he ran quickly. Papak forgot to bring pillows and chairs so we had to make due with sweaters under our heads and a slight location change of the picnic table for our stay.

I finished a 600 page book and a comic book with 200 pages. Papak was napping at the time. He always naps when we are on our camping trip so I have to entertain myself for a while.  I think I tire him out! I am pretty tiring – just ask my mom!

We went on a 10k bike ride around the campsite and it rained so much, I felt like I was swimming. We got soaked but it was fun. What really made it OK was the ice cream cones that followed.

I really like going on these camping trips with Papak and I’m going to continue going on these trips for a very long time,I hope.

Well, I’m back at our cottage now.

Hope you’re having a great summer!

I’ll blog again soon when I’m at Nana and Papak’s house!

Phoenix Slobodian






  1. kathy taylor

    Sounds like a great time was had by all!
    Larry said we’ll try those All Canadian Hot Dogs soon. Maybe even dip them in Canadian Maple Syrup. Could become Canada’s 150th Birthday Special Recipe!
    So glad you have this special time with your Papak!!

    • Diane (Author)

      I’ll pass on this message, Kathy. And I will mention your suggestion of dipping these wiener winners in maple syrup! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Great story, I really enjoyed it. Proud of you both for making it fun in spite of the obstacles

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