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Camping With Papak

 Camping with Papak was AWESOME! 

Hi! It’s me, Phoenix!

Just got back from another great week of camping with Papak. I think this was our fifth time camping together. Here we are, ready to go. Can you find me?

all ready to go camping!

The highlight of the trip and my biggest accomplishment was being able to wear the same clothes for seven days. That was so great because I’m not allowed to do this at home during the school year so I reached a big goal of mine!

The worst time of the trip was spiders in the tent. When I was younger, they didn’t bother me but my mom has left an influence on me.

This is me after Papak and I set up the tent. We’re getting really good at doing this together.

tents set up

I also build a campfire all by myself which was another first for me.

first campfire made by PHoenie himself - only one match!

Why bother with S’Mores? Just eat the chocolate right after the spider dogs.

forget about s'mores. Just eat chocolatebarbequing spider dogs










Another first for me was that Papak taught me how to split wood with an axe. He told me to separate my legs so if I missed, I wouldn’t chop my legs off. I started to get blisters but Papak also told me to slide my hand down the axe mid-swing and after that instruction, I caught on quickly. I KNOW my mom would go crazy if she knew I was using an axe.

Just learning how to axe

Papak and I had so much fun jumping off the cliffs. This was my first time and I wasn’t scared to jump but I haven’t taken swimming lessons for a long time so when I hit the water, Papak said I swung my arms like a wild man.

cliff jumping

I was really fascinated with these ants eating an inchworm because the inchworm kept fighting.


It was a really good week but it would be better if we caught some fish when we went canoeing. We didn’t catch anything. But we did go to the fish restaurant and eat really delicious perch and pickerel. The weather was really good all week except it rained twice – once in the middle of the night and once at the end of the day so we went into the tent and played chess. Papak still wins but I’m getting better with every game.

I’m already looking to next year’s camping trip. It’s a special guy time with Papak and I.

I love learning stuff from Papak and I love Papak.

Signing off,

Phoenix Slobodian


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  1. jessie burgess

    Glad to hear that you had a good time with your Papak. Special times and memories for the rest of your life. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

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