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Canada Day by Phoenix Slobodian

Canada is 150 years old. I wonder if I’ll get to that age – only 138 years to go!

Mom and I drove to Beaverton to hang out with Papak and Nana and Coco.

I spent the morning in town with my friend, Kelvin. We were to a fair and we started out at the fishing competition. I won it last year and pocketed $150.00 and I gave $50 of it to Kelvin because he paid for my entry fee. Anyways, this year – not so good. In fact, a fish stole both worms and swam away with them and didn’t have the decency to help me win the contest. Oh well – there’s always next year.

We just walked around a bit and then came home. It was fun to see everyone wearing red and white and having a good time. There were people sitting on their porch, waiting for the parade and everybody looked happy.

When I got home, Nana and I went to pick up another of my friends. AJ and I spent most of the afternoon in the water on a tube raft, trying to push each other off. We paddled over to the left beach and saw a snapping turtle. My friend, AJ. started singing the Jaws song and we got a bit worried that we might fall off the raft and get bitten by this man-eating turtle. Good news! We made it home safely.

In the evening, I stayed up late so I could watch the fire works. My favourite moment of the day was when Nana and I sat out on her neighbour’s dock and watched the fireworks. We had such a great view because we could see all the fireworks for about 200 degrees – Keswick, Sutton, Barrie, Orillia, Beaverton and Thorah Island. It was so beautiful. Nana and I really enjoyed that time together.

Today is Sunday and I started my day with Rice Krispies in chocolate milk. No healthy smoothie for me! Nana tried to bribe with with homemade carrot and zucchini muffins but since I don’t really like carrots or zucchini, I figured those muffins would be a bad idea. So, I settled for pretzels and Hello Dolly squares (which are unhealthy but delicious!)

So, Nana asked me about Canada Day.

I’m really proud to be a Canadian. I like eating Beavertails, I love all the water in this country (but I love drinking root beer instead of water) and I’m very thankful that we live in a free country and that no one can have guns without a licence.

That’s it for me. Now I’m going to eat more unhealthy and delicious squares, if I’m allowed.

See you soon,

Phoenix Slobodian




  1. Kathy

    Hey Phoenix!!
    You’re a good writer!
    Sounds like a great start For your Canada 🇨🇦 Day celebrations!!
    Yes we’re thankful for Canada too!!
    If my parents hadn’t come to Canada , you never would have met Papak!!
    And we never would have met you and your whole family!!
    Happy Canada’s 🇨🇦 weekend!!

    • Diane (Author)

      Totally agree. This grandson of mine loves to blog!

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