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Canada Day, Family And Friends

It’s been two days of water fun for  us.

Yesterday, it was family – we all jumped into the boat and took turns going tandem tubing on the new Father’s Day gift. Today, I walked on to the deck and felt such joy, watching seventeen family members, neighbours and friends on our dock, in the water and relaxing on the lawn. There were three motor boats primed to go and bodies being slathered with sunscreen. Our neighbours were giving a crash course on SUPPing – Stand Up Paddling – to our friends.    Noodles, snorkeling gear, towels and water shoes were strewn across the waterfront.  Meanwhile, in the kitchen, some kids were grabbing four or five jiggly jello squares at a time, salads were being tossed and Lola, the tiny dog, keep tumbling down the stairs. Chris was barbecuing chicken and eventually, we all stopped to give thanks to God and then dug into a delicious picnic of roasted vegetables, rice pilaf and homemade pies. There were giggling children eying Linda’s Canada Day maple leaf cookies on a stick and adults catching up with each other’s lives.

This is EXACTLY why we bought this place – to build memories. Good stuff happens here.

Our six-year-old grandson, Phoenie loves coming to Papak and Nana’s house. He swims and runs and eats and laughs just like a little boy should do.  He was very pleased with himself that he tried bacon for the first time today AND went tubing on the big waves. Two big accomplishments!  By the end of the day, he had just enough energy to brush his teeth and cuddle up with Mr. Froggy before he passed out for the night. He didn’t seem too concerned that mom and dad headed to the hospital because mom fell when she was water-skiing today and may have burst her ear drum.  We’re just waiting now to hear the results of the unexpected trip to the hospital in Lindsay.

I am so thankful for this place. When we first told our kids that we were going to make this move to Beaverton, they thought we were crazy…but now they get it. They’re old enough to have experienced the gruelling speed and demands of life so when they come home, it’s a refuge for them – a change of scenery and a change of pace. They ask for their favourite foods and enjoy being served…

…maybe too much. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I am noticeably more tired at the end of a family day!

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  1. leigh

    You are truly Blessed! we bought our lake house with great dreams 6 years ago, and now we are selling it, boats, kayak, etc ! no one comes anymore~ they all live too far away and are caught up in their own lives and day-to-days…..enjoy your special time!! xo

  2. Linda

    What a wonderful day. Tubing and swimming and eating and being exhausted from laughter and fun. That’s what summer days are made of! Oh, not to mention a little trip to the emergency….all in a summer’s day!

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