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Caring for Others

I recently read the following words on a blog that I follow and I have some thoughts . . .

“I think one of my favourite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing half way through how much I enjoy them and their¬†existence.”

This is so true. There’s nothing better than sharing a deep, belly- aching laugh with someone. I can remember numerous times in my life when I have laughed so hard, I could hardly breathe. But I also enjoy people’s existence when life isn’t so funny – when people are struggling and life is painful. Perhaps the word, “enjoy” isn’t fully appropriate but there is a settled place in my spirit when I hold the struggle of others, without carrying it.

Like this is what I am meant to do.

I can hold as God does the breaking that only He can do. I can walk along side, encourage, pray for, serve and love unconditionally so that this person can breathe, rest, be restored and claim hope. God transforms the broken into the beautiful . . . and sometimes, He blesses us with the opportunity to “enjoy” a person’s existence, simply by being fully present, holding a hand and comforting.

Everything belongs.

Joy, heartache, disappointment, pain, laughter, mischief making, dismay, frustration, fun, lightness and heaviness. It all belongs. We don’t get to only pick what feels good. Life plops so many experiences on us, often when we are least prepared to receive.

When we do life together, we’re there for it all.

When we share the load, we hold our part of another’s heaviness.




  1. A lovely, soulful post, Diane. Thanks for it.

    • Diane (Author)

      Thank you , Cynthia.

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