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Celebrating the Harvest, not Hallowe’en

I don’t like Hallowe’en…and it has nothing to do with being a Christian. Over the years, I’ve heard numerous and often, rather interesting “spiritual” arguments against celebrating Hallowe’en for but for me, it’s not about my faith.  I just don’t like Hallowe’en.

There are actually two reasons.

#1 Reason

Scary things? ….well, they scare me.

When I was a carefree teenager, I made the mistake of watching a scary movie called “Black Christmas” and honestly, I have never  been the same.  To this day, I really have to discipline my mind when it’s dark and I’m alone in the house. “Black Christmas” taught me that the old saying, “garbage in, garbage out”  is so true.  I work hard at filling my mind with and mediating on “that which is good” but silly thoughts still get to me from time to time, especially when Chris is travelling and I’m alone at night.  I always have a light on in the room across the hall.  I  don’t like to have any part of my body hanging over the sides of the bed when I go asleep AND I always think about falling asleep on my left side so that if someone comes into my bedroom to kill me, I will see him coming!  I’m embarrassed to admit these quirks but I have them…and it’s all because of watching that scary movie so many years ago.

I also watched a western called Shenandoah ( 1965 movie with Jimmy Stewart) and I vividly remember a scene when a guy on a horse came up to a man and asked for some water out of his well.  The kind man got some water and when he turned around, the guy on the horse stabbed him to death.  That scene really affected me too – just ask anyone who knows me…I HATE when people snick up on  me.  The first time Chris did that to me, I got really angry and he sure hasn’t forgotten that!

I also don’t watch anything that involves the occult.  It’s just a boundary that I don’t cross.

#2 Reason

When I was a child, it always seemed that everyone else had a better costume than me and it got to the point that I started to dread Hallowe’en night. There was this man who lived on our street and he was well known as “that guy who works for a gum ball company and hands out tons of stuff!” So, my friends and I always looked forward to ringing his doorbell and reaching into this HUGE barrel of gum balls.  The rule was that “you could take as many as two hands could hold”  so we always ended up with a great stash.  One year, when we came to this man’s house, he opened the door, looked at my friends and I and then pointed to me and said, “ I don’t like your costume.  You can’t have any gum until you dress up better than that.”  Well, that “scarred” me for life so to this day, I don’t have much confident with the whole dressing up thing.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’m missing anything.  This year, Chris and I werent’ even home to hand out candy. I love to look at the lady bugs, princesses, turtles and cowboys that wander the neighbourhood but with each passing year, October 31st becomes more like, “just another day.”

I think I will stick with celebrating the harvest at this time of the year.

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  1. Barb

    I’m with you all the way, Diane.I have never liked the whole costume thing and was always embarrassed that I couldn’t come up with something more original. I agree with celebrating the harvest. Now that’s something to get excited about!


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