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Chai and Chat

Got together with an amazing group of women yesterday morning – what an awesome, uplifting time.

The goal? No goal.

We don’t need a goal. Let’s simply come together, drink chai, talk about issues that are important and relevant, share ideas and listen to each other.

Really listen — with no judgment and heaped-on grace.

The featured image quote deeply resonates with what my heart longs for when I spend time with older and younger women.

The idea behind this statement is “goal” enough. Let’s be real. Let’s be sensitive and attentive.  Doesn’t need to be complicated. Everyone is welcome and everyone is allowed to be who they are.

We all belong. We’re all enough. We’re all valued. 

We’re just walking each other home. 

Oh, and enjoying some homemade chai latte along the way.





  1. A touch of grace, Diane.

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, Cynthia. Wonderful “walking together” time, for sure!

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