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Change your attitude!

No doubt about it – I had a bad attitude this morning.  I knew it and so did everybody else in the family.  I was set for a full day’s work on my book proposal but my daughter couldn’t drive home last night because of the snow so my grandson, Phoenix, crawled into our bed early this morning, anticipating a fun day with Nana.  I have to admit that I was pretty frustrated, especially after my smoothie exploded in the blender and there was pomegranate juice everywhere.  My writing plans were thwarted and I was having a difficult time letting it go.

I needed to do a little grocery shopping ( I needed more pomegranate juice!) so Phoenie and I headed to the store.  As we cruised by the toy section, Phoenie saw a little toy that he liked.  He asked me if I could buy it for him and I said, “No, but this store is collecting Christmas presents for other children so we could buy this toy that you like and give it to another little boy for Christmas.”

This was definitely not what Phoenix had in mind. He looked at me with a sad face and said,  “Let me think about that.”  We continued shopping and Phoenix didn’t say a word but I could tell that he was thinking hard. We were at the cash register when Phoenix piped up and said, ” Nana, I’ve been thinking about that toy for a long time today.  I think it would be nice to give that toy to another little boy but can I go and play with whoever he is?”  I smiled.  We paid for the toy, put it in the gift box by the exit door and headed home.   Ah, the Christmas spirit.  It’s tough to stay frustrated in moments like that.

Well, the day just kept getting better as Phoenix and I got home, had lunch, bundled up and headed to the sledding hill.  First time sledding this winter and the hill had not been touched. Fresh snow, no one else around and Phoenix was so excited.  “Nana, this hill is like heaven. It’s perfect. Did you know there are no mistakes in heaven?”  Well, by that point, my heart had melted, the bad attitude had slipped away and I was squished on the back of that sled with my legs wrapped around Phoenie’s little body for two hours!  Phoenie thought the snow was just “marvelous” and we had a fantastic time together making snow angels, hiking through the “creepy” forest,  (Phoenie didn’t like the sound of the trees cracking in the wind) throwing snow at each other and falling off the sled on purpose.  Phoenie particularly enjoyed the moment when I split my snow pants right up the back when my sled and I plowed into a tree.

So much for the book proposal today – there were far more important things to experience.  A good dose of Phoenix and a shift in attitude made all the difference in the world.

G. K. Chesterton once said, “An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.”

He’s got that right!

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  1. kathy taylor

    Glad to see that, through your “grandson’s shine” you changed your bad attitude to one of gratitude !! Sounds like a fun day!! A perfect hill, perfect snow, perfectly fun!!!

  2. Emily

    I’m glad Pheonie uplifted your mood! No one can turn down that little face. I think it’s sweet that he wanted to play with “the little boy” he was giving a toy to. It’s really beautiful that six-year-olds can think that way. Although I do think that the book proposal is important, you can always use a little fun. What’s one day in the grand scheme of things? 🙂

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