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Chi Poo or Chick Pea?

This is the texting that went on between my daughter and I this morning.

Guess what I’m doing today!  Dont’ tell anyone.

Oh no……what???

Going to pick up my puppy.

WHAT??? seriously??? Two cats and a dog???? Are u out of your mind?

Nope. I have the next three days off too so it’s good timing to settle the puppy in.

Wow…I didn’t realize how much you love animals, Danae.  What kind of puppy?  Please send me a picture.

I love them so much.  And don’t think I’m being irresponsible.  I have thought everything out, making sure I’ll be home enough for the puppy.

I believe you, Danae.  I’m excited for you…what kind of puppy?

I’ll send you a pic when I get him. He’s from Colborne. Cute eh? LOL

Cooper the Pooper

But what kind of dog????

Chi Poo. They are really little. Don’t google pics cause some are really ugly.

Got a name yet?

No. Any ideas?


Thats cute.  Really cute.

 You gonna blog (about this?) LOL


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  1. Danae

    He looks so big in that picture…Wow.
    Love him.

  2. Debbie

    Isn’t it great being a mom!
    Congrats on Cooper – such a beastly name for a chia pet. LOL

  3. Kathy

    Love the ” chick pea”!!! I guess I’ll have to google it because you said not to, Danae ! :)).
    Is it a cross between a chiwawa and poodle?

    • I believe it is, Kathy!

    • Danae

      Yes it is..He looks more like a chihuaua I think He is very tiny just 1.5 lbs right now. hopefully he won’t get to much bigger!!! Don’t google them some of them grow up to be so ugly

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