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Chia Seed Pudding and Homemade Quilts

There are some days that simply unfold in front of you –  you do your thing and you make your way through the twenty four hours.  It’s not a bad day and it’s not an amazing day.  It’s a day…but it’s a day that the Lord has made.  I am growing in my ability to rejoice and be glad in it, rather than focus on how I feel about it.

Then there are other days when unforeseen circumstances lift you above the routine, the responsibilities, the demands and the whirlwind of activity and decisions.  You get an opportunity to bask in a handful of glorious moments and your spirit is energized.  Today was one of those days.

I had invited a long lost friend to come and stay at my place for a couple of days.  I’ve known Vicky for a long time and we couldn’t come up with any profound reason why we lost touch, other than life showing up and sweeping us apart.  It’s been quite a few years,  yet from the moment Vicky carried in her guitar, her memory box and her scrapbook filled with all the quilt masterpieces that she had created, it seemed like we hadn’t missed a beat in each other’s lives.

Vicky handed me a beautifully quilted table runner – hand made with love. I was so touched.

Then the stories  and the laughter began.

We ate homemade sweet potato/carrot/apple soup for lunch and Coconut Curry Beef Noodles for dinner.  I made Vicky try my newest culinary invention – chia seed pudding, otherwise affectionately described by Vicky as dinosaur  mung. We ate rice crackers and dip throughout the afternoon and popped chocolate covered almonds all evening.  We  sat under blankets and watched the sun go down. But the laughing and the stories never stopped.

The second best part of the day happened when Vicky brought out her guitar and serenaded me for a heavenly hour.  Vicky and her guitar. Oh, how it brought back wonderful memories of the days when she blessed so many people with her beautiful alto voice and heartfelt lyrics. She is still blessing people.

The best part of the visit was when Vicky opened the lid of her scuff-marked memory box, the one that used to be the home for all her childhood Barbie dolls.  I felt like a little child,  gleefully anticipating what surprises Vicky was going to pull out of the box.  One by one, Vicky showed me a chipped figurine, an old licence plate, a list that she put together so many years ago – different items, bursting with stories. Together, we journeyed back to so many sacred moments in her life when God revealed Himself to her. It was a late night.

Our chef (my husband)  whipped up the best scrambled eggs this morning and the conversation continued, in between the yawns.

It was twenty six hours of joy. Laughter. Memories. Hugs. Food.

It just couldn’t get any better…and then it was gone.  Vicky arrived home to an unshovelled driveway and Chris and I tackled an ant invasion in our bathroom.

Carry on.

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  1. Karen Perrott

    chia seed pudding? Now that sounds interesting!

  2. Margo

    Chia Seed Pudding? Isn’t that for the birds?

  3. kathy

    Yum !! I loved the flavour of the Chia Seed Pudding- a cross between tapioca, Bubble Tea flavour, and a nuttiness of sprouts.
    Loved the memory box of shared times together. Some friends are like that-although you haven’t seen them nor spoken to them for ages-months or years- you just carry on as though it were yesterday !! Good for the soul!!

  4. Deb Tindale

    2 hours won’t be near enought time to catch up. We’ll have to continued another time….. This is a great memory. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Anne

    I’ll pass on the chia seed pudding, but I’d love to have the soup recipe!

  6. Linda

    Isn’t it wonderful to catch up with old friends and realize that no matter how much time goes by you can just start where you left off?? Wonderful story Diane. xo

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