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Chrissy’s Creation

I am super happy to introduce a beautiful friend of mine.

Chrissy’s going to talk about her one year crocheting commitment that she’s been working on since January.  I am indeed blessed to know her and to experience her love for life, family and friends.


D: Hey, Chrissy!  I have a big favour to ask you.

C: Fire away.

D: I’d like to write a blog about you and your blanket. Would that be OK? May I add a picture of you?

C: Absolutely! I am flattered.

D: Also, could you write a little paragraph and send it to me? Can you explain what you call the blanket, why you are making it and what it’s teaching you these days?

C: Sure!  I call the blanket an “emotions blanket.”  Online, they’re called “mood blankets but to be honest, that term seems too vague to me and not personal.

D: I so respect and admire your healthy attitude towards mental illness, Chrissy. I’ve learned so much about this topic from you.

C: Thank you and you are welcome to write about my bipolar and the challenges it causes myself and my family.

D: I’d rather you talk, Chrissy.

C : Why am I making it? I want to make a visual record of my victories, downfalls and everything in between. Someone once told me the more work spent on a artistic project what ever it may be, the more likely that person will better understand herself.  When I saw your full year of sunsets crocheted in a blanket,  I was enthralled at your dedication and I was inspired to do the same one year commitment. I want people to understand that mental illness is more than crazy people and medications and rubber rooms.

D: What have you learned from working on this emotions blanket?

C: Well, so far, I’ve learned that the glass is always half full. Purple is the strongest colour in my blanket and it represents calmness and relaxation. I live with a stressful mental illness and to see that the majority of my blanket is purple (at least at this time) makes me see that I am doing better than I give myself credit for. And that’s a big deal. 

D: Sure is, Chrissy. 

 C: I also made a rule not to “frog” my blanket. Frogs make the sound “rip-it” and I will not under any circumstances rip out stitches because I will stress and over think and then it will become a chore not a passion. 

D: You’re amazing, Chrissy. I’m so proud of you that you’ve persevered with this every day. Well done! Keep going, girl!

C: Thank you for the honour of being on your blog, Diane. 

D: Thank YOU for the honour of interviewing you, Chrissy but more importantly, for the joy of our friendship. 


Chrissy’s intention is to crochet her everyday emotions into her blanket for one full year. What a beautiful reflection of her life this will be!


  1. Anonymous

    What a great idea and as it turns out, a great encourager

    • Diane (Author)

      I totally agree. Love watching Chrissy create!

  2. This girl has great insight into her illness! I like the idea that she can look back, see the purples, and remind herself that she is doing better than she thinks.

    Nice job, Chrissy!

    • Diane (Author)


  3. Beautiful idea. Any time we can record a year, insight into our emotions … wow, that’s powerful. A forever keepsake. And a longing to see your favorite color of happiness and joy dominate the rest.

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, Shelli. This blanket is so special to Chrissy. I continue to encourage her to stay with it because it’s such a wonderful recording of her emotions. She’s loving every minute of crocheting it!

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