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Christmas 2015

Hi. It’s Phoenix and Keira, (mostly Phoenix)

Merry Christmas to you!

Keira: My favourite things to eat at Christmas time were mashed potatoes, candy and chocolate. The best part of Christmas was opening presents! I was really hoping that I would get a Frozen castle and I did! It’s taller than my younger sister, Maddy. I also got pyjamas and a new dresser for my bedroom.

Keira's Frozen castle

I really like making melted bead stuff. I made a peace sign and a heart and I’m learning to crochet with Diane. Maddy had fun at Christmas and she made this picture for the family.

Maddy's picture of family rapt around Christmas tree

Maddy got a princess canopy for Christmas.

Maddy's princess canopy

Phoenix: Thanks, Keira for writing a little of this blog. 🙂

Christmas is a cool time. It’s such a happy time for everyone and I like thinking about Jesus being born. The best part of Christmas for me was getting a GT because it has a steering wheel and brakes, which I really need on the slopes. It also has its own lights too for night sledding. Nana and Papak bought me Glow in the Dark water speakers and a Glow in the Dark basketball hoop for the back of my bedroom door and that’s a good present because I seem to be spending a lot of time in my bedroom lately because I’ get in trouble. I also got a desk for my room which I really wanted because I love to draw. Now I have no excuse for not getting my homework done!

Phoenie's new desk

I have been eating way too much sugar for the past few days. Nana saw me eating candy for breakfast this morning.

Phoenie's quiet time with cookies

It’s always good to see Coco at Christmas. She’s very kind. She’s lived with Nana and Papak for a long time and I love her too. 

Coco and the kids

We took some family pictures but no one noticed that I put my fang teeth in.

family 2 with my fang teeth

I love Christmas but I’m really full.

I’m thankful to Jesus for being born and being in my life. I hope everybody had a good Christmas and if you want to play darts, come on over to my basement!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2



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  1. Gotta love kids, Diane. You’re a good grandmother. Please tell Phoenix his teeth made me smile. 🙂

    Blessings & Happy New Year ~ Wendy

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