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Christmas Gift #2

…and then there was the time when Dawne was about thirteen years old and she decided to experiment with candle-making.  Since I have no recollection of this craft either (see yesterday’s blog about the first Christmas “surprise”) I am assuming that Dawne waited for another opportunity to create when I wasn’t home.  She gathered up every crayon in the house, unwrapped each one, threw them into a pot and placed them on the stove element.  When the crayons melted into a bruise-colored mass and the pot was completely ruined,  Dawne proceeded to pour the hot wax into my new Christmas cookie cutters and last, but certainly not least, she placed a wick in the candle.

The Angel Candle

The Christmas man

It looks pretty good, doesn’t it?  However, looking at the Christmas man from a different perspective, there’s a bit of a problem.


What’s the life lesson learned from this simple craft?  PLAN AHEAD!  🙂


  1. Marion Wragge

    That is too funny!

  2. kathy taylor

    Exactly what I was going to say, Marion !!
    Great chuckle with which to start the morning!! Kind of like stringing te Christma lights and leaving the wrong end for plugging in…hmmm

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