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Christmas Poetry

One of my favourite poems, written by a good friend, Linda Neff. Thank you, Linda for encouraging us to use our God-gifted senses and sanctified imagination.

Christmas, Now and Then

Listen…now –

Carols accompanied by ringing cash registers,

And the crackle of shopping bags.

Listen…then –

Cows mooing, donkeys braying, hooves shuffling,

And for free, an angel sound – and – light show.

See…now –

Glittering factory-made lights,

Sparkling party dresses, and merchandise  mountains.

See… then –

Moonlight slipping through the stable door,

 Joseph’s calloused hands, cradling innocence.

Taste…now –

Gravy slathering mashed potatoes,

Candy canes, walnut fudge, and marzipan.

Taste…then –

Bread, perhaps, and lentil stew for the new parents,

Mother’s milk for Jesus.

Touch…now –

Cool gleaming of brass ornaments,

Pinecone wreaths, and plush velvet ribbons.

Touch…then –

Prickly stable straw and smooth baby skin

Of the world’s Saviour.

Smell…now –

Roasting turkey with sage stuffing,

Shortbread, and chocolate truffles.

Smell…then –

Hanging in the hushed moist air,

Animal dung and shepherd sweat.

Now… complexity, cost, busyness, and blasé noise.

Then…simplicity, poverty, lullabies, and shepherds rushing breathless

To find a mystery in the manger.

                                                                                                ©2017 Linda Neff

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