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Christmas Gift #1

I think I have recovered from yesterday’s Christmas crisis but reminiscing about homemade crafts made me think about some of the interesting Christmas gifts that have been given in our family.  I thought you might enjoy a few stories.

One of the gifts that truly stands out is a pair of slippers that Dawne made me when she was 12 years old.  We were living in Devinska Nova Ves, Slovakia at the time and apparently, the moment that I left the apartment that afternoon, Dawne went to work!  She had already created these festive slippers in her head so she knew exactly what needed to be done.  She ran into our bedroom, ferreted out my FAVORITE red turtle neck from Lands End and proceeded to cut it up into slipper-size pieces.  With matching red thread, she painstakingly hand stitched and glued each seam, padded the soles with cotton balls wrapped in old duo-tang covers and even provided me with little pockets in the soles of the slipper to slip microwaved orange juice lids into so my feet wouldn’t get cold.  She then proceeded to hand stitch two teddy bears on plastic netting and attached them to the top of the slipper. Voila! Here’s the final product…still intact 15 years later.  Very industrious of her, don’t you think?

homemade slippers

Dawne was always good at hiding things when she was younger (…like the hamster I didn’t know we owned until I found it under the refrigerator…dead…because it had escaped its cage and eaten some glass shards ) so I didn’t know anything about those red slippers until the day I went looking for my red turtle neck – did I mention that it was my FAVORITE turtle neck??? – and it wasn’t there.

Sheepishly, Dawne produced the evidence of a craft gone awry.  What could I say? If you’ve ever been a mom, you know those moments where you are vacillating between two polar emotions?  Well, I was feeling both intense anger and yet such beaming pride about my daughter’s creative masterpiece.

If I remember correctly, I graciously accepted this ingenious present…and never replaced the turtleneck.


  1. Danae

    Remember the candles she made you???

  2. Karen Perrott

    Hilarious! What a great story!
    I hope I get those slippers from the slipper box, next time I visit your place!

  3. kathy taylor

    Great story. I’m still smiling!! Guess Dawne has always had her creative and designer streak. Voila—-look at her now!!
    What’s this about candles Danae??

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