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Clean From The Inside Out

My neighbour had an accident about a month ago.

She was cleaning out her hot tub, slipped and fell onto a pile of wood. One of the pieces of wood had a big nail sticking out and unfortunately, it went through the fleshy part of her upper leg. She got fifteen stitches but soon after her visit to the hospital, the cut got infected. So, the cut had to be re-opened and cleaned out.  For the past month, my neighbour has had a nurse come in everyday to clean, pack and cover the open wound.  The cut did not get restitched – the nurse explained that the cut needed time to “heal from the inside out.” 

You can’t put a bandaid on an infection and you can’t put a bandaid on a “heart problem”.

People need to heal from the inside out. Relationships need to heal from the inside out. Band-aid solutions are temporary and external. They aren’t the answer – they protect scrapes and scratches, they enable time to pass so that the surface “stuff” eventually goes away, they provide relief – but they don’t foster deep healing.

Real change…real healing… is only possible if you’re willing to open up the wound and allow fresh air and new thinking to be exposed to the sin – the ugly infection within our hearts.

Other than the Bible, INSIDE OUT, by Larry Crabb, has been the most challenging and life-changing book that I have ever read. I highly recommend you take a read through this book.  Crabb says:

When we reflect deeply on how life really is, both inside our soul and outside in our world, a quiet terror threatens to overwhelm us. We worry that we simply won’t be able to make it if we face all that is there….

The first time that I read those words, I got it. I felt it. I knew it was truth.

That was in 1988…and the long journey to deep change began. It’s still going on. No bandaid solutions. No quick fixes. Christianity is definitely not for cowards.

I don’t know where I would be without Jesus. I really don’t.

The kind of internal change that permits a richer taste of God is possible, but it requires surgery. Change from the inside out is worth the pain. It makes the Christian life possible. It frees us to groan without complaint, to love others in spite of our emptiness, and to wait for the complete satisfaction we so desperately desire.  Larry Crabb

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  1. Barb

    Interesting Diane. Marv Penner introduced me to that book , ” Inside Out” around the same time, and it literally rescued me from the false truths that my life had been based on, from bondage to freedom. ” you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” the band aids came off one at a time!

    As with you, the process continues, but it’s going in the right direction…..most of the time! Yes, wouldn’t have made it this far without Jesus! That’s no understatement!


  2. Anne

    Diane – you introduced our ladies group to that book – it was life changing for me as well – have re-read it several times since.

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