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Competitive Spirit

Judging by this picture, I could call this post, “Too bad kid. I win.” 



I admit it. I’m competitive.

It all started when I began competing in gymnastics years ago. I didn’t have that “killer” instinct but I certainly competed to win. I remember the day I retired from gymnastics, saying to myself, “That’s it for competition. I never want to compete again” and this mindset worked for a long time. My competitive psyche reared its ugly head periodically in board games and the odd tennis match when the kids were young but generally speaking, my cooperative ethos ruled most of my decisions.

Then came the Toastmasters experience in 2012. Speech contests became such a wonderful challenge for me.  I truly enjoyed the preparation and presentation aspect of public speaking. The competitor in me arose once again. And of course, there has been an ongoing but gentle competition between my husband and I when it comes to laser tag, miniature golf, Apples to Apples, cycling, word games and such.

Slowly but surely, the warrior has emerged and yesterday? Well, there was no question who was going to win the toboggan race.

When I look at the picture, I realize how pathetic I have become. Here’s the clear evidence of a “win at all cost” attitude. This poor nine year old boy – left in my tracks – as I rushed to the finish line and blatantly boasted of my accomplishments.

It’s embarrassing.

From Chris: The photo actually looks a lot worse than it really was. Isaiah was not at all dejected. They were all competing to see who could glide the furthest but everyone got a cheer and a lead at some point. But yeah, if you ever wanted to demonstrate winning at all costs, this photo does it. Heh-heh. That said, if I would have tried, I’m sure I would have beat Diane, but I was happy to be photographer for the day.

I don’t think so, Chris.



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