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As my body slowly recovered from the volleyball tournament,  I’ve had some time to reflect more on this past weekend.  I’ve also perused dozens of reunion pictures and read some good emails, describing the emotions felt as family and friends came together.  Certainly the meetin’ and greetin’  was fun and memorable but without a doubt, the highlight of the weekend was Sunday morning.

When the older generation began to sing at the cue of their choirmaster,  I had goosebumps.  It sounded like heaven.  I almost forgot to breath.  After all these years apart and twenty minutes practice on Saturday night, thirty voices melted into breathtaking harmony.   I watched each of their faces as they were swept away with their childhood memories and I witnessed an extraordinary moment of connection between them.  Everyone basked in the moment, trying to bottle the unity, the good feelings and the closeness they all felt.

Next came the personal testimonies and my husband was last to share with the congregation.  There were such a loud silence throughout that you could hear a pin drop in the church.  As Chris talked about his life then and now,” there were heads nodding and “Amens” whispers under people’s breath.  Again, there was deep connection as people rejoiced with Chris as he talked about how God used music all through his life to bring him to this place of deep peace.  People remembered where he was and rejoiced about where he is now.

The service ended with the younger and older generation singing together.  Such beauty. Such respect. Such connection. Such unity.

Elizabeth CrousePicture by Elizabeth Crouse

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