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Date Day, Great Day

Let all that you do be done in love.

But when you’re in love, you can do absolutely nothing together in love too.

Chris had a day off today and we made great plans.

We were going to get up early and head to downtown Toronto.  As Christmas approaches, we enjoy wandering the streets, popping into stores, grabbing a bite to eat and just hanging out together.

Sounded like such a great idea last night but today, we didn’t do any of that.

After a good sleep-in, a long catch-up chat (Chris was away for most of the week) and a couple of cups of coffee and tea, we headed out for a short bike ride (it was REALLY chilly out there today!) and shortly after, we drove as far as downtown Beaverton to look at new sliding doors (see post about our broken door).

That was about it.

The rest of the day we did nothing together and that was just fine. It was more than fine. It was just what we needed. I did some writing and Chris did some napping.  As Chris has said to me, “I just like knowing that you’re in the same room and that’s good enough for me.”

I’m learning so much these days about “being” instead of “doing.” 

I recently wrote a lament to Jesus – “My core is strong but my limbs are flailing.” 

One of the many things that I love about Chris is his ability to be still. I am learning much from doing life with him. He takes time to notice the color change of the male American Goldfinch as it perches on the bird feeder.  Chris parks himself by the back door and watches birds dive in the water to catch fish. He is still long enough to savour subtle spice changes in his food and notice small stains on his T-shirts. He pays attention to details and his hugs are genuine and lingering.

Chris doesn’t flail.

Chris has taught me much about stillness . . . without saying a word.

Loving him is as simple as putting a blanket on him as he naps on the couch and then sitting behind him, listening to him snore.

I am so thankful for Chris.

Doing nothing together . . . loving each other.



  1. Such a beautiful post….true, honest and growing in love …still!

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, friend! 🙂
      Miss you!

  2. Kathy

    Oh Diane.. What a heartfelt post. Thank you for loving my baby brother so well. My heart sings….

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