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Daughter Time

It’s been quite a while since I’ve flown anywhere.

I never thought that I would admit it but I’ve become a homebody. There’s something very appealing about living by the water that makes me want to stay in one place. Watch. Listen. Smell. Feel.

Be fully present.

But one of our daughters lives in Edmonton and it’s time to pay her a visit. I want to experience her world for a few days. Thanks to Chris’s Air Miles (the only good thing about his traveling for work that’s positive), I’m heading into another week’s adventure – fly to Edmonton, fly to Vancouver, drive to Courtenay, drive back to Vancouver and fly back to home sweet home.

I’m a little out of practice with airport smarts and etiquette. Chris graciously drove me to the airport, which I greatly appreciated. However, after a teary good-bye, (like I mentioned, I love to be at home with Chris – it’s more than enough)  in a span of thirty minutes, I broke a faucet in the bathroom, lost my boarding pass and destroyed the zipper on my laptop carrier. There are so many details to this traveling rhythm — so many things to remember and keep track of — and details aren’t a strength of mine.

However, I did manage to board the plane on time! For some reason, my ear buds weren’t cooperating so movie-watching wasn’t an option.  I heard a very loud baby two rows back so I spent the next four hours, helping a young Egyptian mom with her little bundle of joy. She was on her fourth and last stretch of flying and was absolutely exhausted. When I offered to hold her baby, she broke into tears. I took her to the back of the plane, where we took turns bouncing the baby, telling stories and shifting back and forth so people could use the washrooms.

Sure made the time go quickly.

Best part of the day? Seeing Danae waiting in the airport and giving her a BIG hug.

It’s going to be a great time with my daughter!




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  1. Diane, what an angel you must have been to that mom in need. I can’t wait to talk with you in person and share airport stories…

    Blessings on your mother/daughter time ~ Wendy

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