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Daughter To The Rescue

I can remember the day. It was close to 25 years ago and as I stretched over the back seat of our car to put Dawne in her car seat, I felt a sharp tinge in my back.  Within  five minutes, the middle of my back had gone into spasm, with contractions happening about every twenty seconds.  These back contractions felt just like labor contractions  – I could feel the pain increasing and climaxing and then it would slow down for a few seconds and start again.  I use the same breathing techniques to get through the similar pain.  I remember it was a Friday afternoon and my family doctor had left for the day.  His assistant suggest that I come in and try acupuncture.  I was very leery of this treatment because at the time, I had never heard of it but the pain was so bad, I would have settled for any form of relief.

The acupuncturist put three or four needles right into the spasmed area and I thought I would hit the ceiling, it was such intense pain.  However, five minutes later, the spasm had stopped and I could feel the muscle release.

That was the first time.  Since that day, my back has gone into spasms many times and unfortunately, the older I get, the more often it happens.  Anything and everything can set it off and sometimes, if I am able to lie down immediately and ice it, I can circumvent the two days it usually takes for the muscle relaxants to kick in.  Not this time though….last night, the contractions started, I was up all night and the spasms have continued all day. I tried cold packs, hot baths, heating pads, stretching, my husband rubbing my back – nothing was working…

…until my recently graduated Massage Therapist daughter arrived this afternoon.  The portable massage table was set up in the living room, the linens were draped and Danae’s magical hands went to work.  My back feels so much better now.  I haven’t had a spasm since I got off her table.

A long time ago, a friend introduced me to the idea of personal “Idiot Lights” – these are the physical symptoms that show up in our bodies that God uses to slow us down.  We all have different symptoms but the point is that it’s really important to listen to our bodies. When these symptoms show up, we need to take heed.  As my friend tells me, sometimes God “MAKES” us lie down in green pastures.”  (Psalm 23.2)

Everyone should have a massage therapist adult daughter in their family.  It’s pay back time.

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  1. Danae slobodian

    Ya and its 80 bucks an hour for my “magical hands” ….pay up mother

  2. Kathy

    How do you spell relief??? Aaaaaaah.
    Congratulations to Danae. Can’t wait to have her do her magic on me !!!

  3. Anne

    I’m fortunate to have a physiotherapist daughter – unfortunately, she lives 950 km away from me!!

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