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Delightful Djembe

No . . . Djembe isn’t something you drink. It’s a kind of drum.

This is Nana and I, playing a djembe last night.

Diane and Phoenie drumming

I can tell you that a djembe is a rope-tuned, skin-covered (these drums had goat skin) drum, played with bare hands. The drums we were playing are from Ghana, West Africa.

Nana told me that she has wanted to learn how to drum for the past ten years. (That’s how old I am!) She found a really cool store nearby with all sorts of percussion instruments. There was even a xylophone! (There’s a picture of some of the instruments on the featured image of this blog and these instruments make all sorts of cool sounds. My favourite was the wave maker. It’s like the inside of a drum with little metal balls that roll across the surface and when you move it a certain way, it sounds like exactly like waves in an ocean.

I learned how to hold the djembe and I also learned that the three types of hitting the djembe are “bass”, “slap” and “tone.” I also learned how to play a rhythm to the words, “I-like-peanut-butter-I-like-jam” but I DON’T like peanut butter so I edited it and said, “I-hate-peanut-butter-I-like-jam.VOILLA!!!!!!!!!

I liked watching Nana play the djembe because she was smiling all the time and getting really excited. She’s going to start taking private lessons and maybe she will even get to play on the worship band at church some day. I don’t think she can sing so maybe it’s good that she sticks to the djembe.

Here’s a picture of Phil, the teacher, Nana and me playing together. We sounded really good together.

Diane, Phil and Phoenie drumming

Maybe I should ask for a djembe for Christmas because I like playing with Nana.  I also learned that I l really like chai tea, just like Nana! It’s the best chai tea that I’ve ever tasted and I don’t usually drink tea!



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  1. I am excited for your Nana that she will get to learn to play the Djembe!! And I’m excited that you got to try it and the other cool instruments too!
    I love your Nana’s chai tea too!

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