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Not So Random An Act of Kindness

Every woman has a *Susan * in her life. 

No matter what you say or do or don’t say or don’t do, Susan doesn’t like you…and she lets you know this by her subtle, hurtful comments and her blatant, uncaring attitude. 

I have to admit – there was a time in my life when I thought it was possible to be liked by everyone. I actually believed that I could get everyone’s approval. It sounds ludicrous to me now but I have read journal entries from years ago, when I was earnestly trying to be friends with everyone. Thankfully, my life’s blunders and busyness taught me that everyone’s approval wasn’t possible or necessary and finally, about fifteen years ago, I made the freeing decision to give up that goal.  I realized that growth in my Christian life meant caring less about people —not more — and this was a big life lesson.

However, I had to work with my *Susan* and day after day, I felt her disdain.  It made for awkward conversation and lingering frustration. Numerous times, I took initiative to talk with her about our relationship but nothing was ever resolved. She would either lash back at me with wild accusations or she would roll her eyes and smugly walk away.

As time passed, I could feel the anger rising up inside me. Susan had a hold on me. 

One morning, I was reading a magazine article and I came across a powerfully convicting quote. God immediately brought Susan to mind. 

Kindness is in our power even when fondness is not.  Samuel Johnson

I don’t need Susan’s approval or her friendship but I could be kind to her.  It doesn’t matter what she says or how she reacts; God calls me to be kind towards her. I confessed my bad attitude to the Lord and forgave Susan. 

Nothing has changed between us – Susan continues to give me strange looks and excludes me from conversations but she no longer has a hold on me.  I make a point to say kind words to her and I leave the rest to God. 


1. Do you have a *Susan” in your life? How do you naturally respond to her?

2.  What stops you from showing kindness to your Susan?

3. Can you trust God to help you change your attitude, move towards Susan and expect nothing in return?

Speak truth – Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bone. 

Proverbs 16. 24 NIV

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  1. Linda

    There are those who don’t want to see us become successful or sadly to overcome obstacles. They have no understanding, no compassion really. They present themselves as being generous and loving but ignore what’s right in front of them. Watch the movie “The Help” and you’ll see what I’m talkin’ bout!

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