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Moose Stew and Memories

Chris went out for dinner with a group of guys from church and together, they chowed down on a hearty pot of moose stew.

It didn’t sound very appetizing to me but Chris was still salivating over it a couple of hours after he arrived home.  As he was providing details about his delectable dining experience, a long lost memory was triggered in my mind…

…it was early morning and I was walking my oldest daughter to school. My second daughter was sitting in a stroller and my newborn son was tucked inside a corduroy Snugli, on my chest. We crossed the street and headed down a road that was lined with trees and houses. Someone’s garage door was wide open and I saw a dead moose lying on the garage floor.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Who keeps a dead moose in their garage?

I must have been staring because an obviously proud and friendly man waved and asked me to come and look at their “catch” from hunting. I was captivated by it all so, the kids and I walked towards the moose. I also had a lot of questions – I figured this would be a great learning experience for all of us.

I’m telling you – I can envision that long tongue hanging out the side of the moose’s mouth as clearly today as I witnessed it twenty plus years ago…and it’s not a very nice memory. This was one BIG moose with a huge set of antlers and a foot long, thick, brown tongue. My daughter was also intrigued with the moose’s tongue and just like I thought, she had a lot of questions too.

I phoned my daughter this morning and asked if she remembers that moose – “Sort of..” was her I guess it didn’t traumatize her for life.

But me? Well,  I remember every detail in living color – the beige shelves in the garage, the orange snowmobile jackets hanging on the back wall and the bright green trailer parked by the wood pile. I can even remember the man’s blue checkered shirt and moss green jacket.  His wife came into the garage and I can remember her words too – “this moose will be completely gone by lunch time – cut up and into the freezer.”

Memories stick – good ones and the not-so-good ones. We need to be ever so mindful of what goes into our minds because this dictates what comes out in our lives.

What we fill our minds with is so important.



  1. Can you recall a dreadful memory from when you were young?
  2. How do you deal with this memory?
  3. What does scripture say about guarding our minds?
 speak truth: You will keep in perfect peace him who mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26.3 NIV

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