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I join a gym every year for six months – November to April. Once April comes around, I’m back on my bike outside but during those six months indoors, I make myself ( I REALLY don’t enjoy weightlifting) do some upper body work, plus I try to increase my running ability.

When I was younger, I logged a LOT of running miles, until the back of my knees started to shoot some incredibly sharp pains. My doctor strongly suggested that I stop running for a few months, give my body some time to heal, eventually buy a good pair of running shoes and attend a running clinic so that I could learn how to run properly.

That’s when I started cycling.

However, because of the muscle memory theory, I figured the whole feel of running would come back really quickly. I jumped onto the treadmill and upped the speed. I was ready for an aerobic challenge.

I hadn’t watched The Price is Right for many years but that’s what was showing on the TV screen in the gym.  The show host was enticing a contestant, dressed like a jellyfish (actually, the costume was quite creative – this woman had managed to make a very convincing guise out of bubble wrap!) with a huge brightly colored box on stage. She had already won a $4,000 diamond watch and seemed content with this prize but the audience was heckling her, prodding her onward to bigger and better.  I wanted her to take the watch and sit down.

Jellyfish lady chose the box.

When the pretty lady on stage lifted the lid on the box, a huge jack-in-the-box puppet jumped up. My eyes were glued to the TV screen and I stopped running.

falling off the back of a treadmill 2

Yup…you can picture it, can’t you?  Like Lucy Ricardo in the old I Love Lucy show, I went backwards at a good clip and smashed into the wall behind me.

THANKFULLY, there was no witnesses to this escapade – the gym was empty at the time.

However, this gym happened to share a wall with a spa next door that was under some renovation and before I could gather myself off the floor with some semblance of dignity, a woman came flying through the door yelling, “I think there’s a wall coming down!” Talk about eating humble pie. I had to assure this woman that the THUMP she heard was my agile body smashing into the wall.

Just another lighthearted day in the gym.


  1. Have you got any embarrassing gym workout stories? (I seem to have many!)
  2. Are you able to laugh at yourself?  Why? Why not?
  3. Do you have someone in your life who makes you laugh?

speak truth: A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength. Proverbs 17.22


  1. Oh, Diane. I love to laugh at myself. Anything to keep from crying. My cousin is like my sister, and she makes me laugh so much. We laugh at and with each other … it’s wonderful. I haven’t been to the gym too much …. Back years ago … wearing purple leg warmers to work out. Yep … me. But now, the most that happens to me is my sheep run into me as I’m walking and nearly knock me over. 🙂 Today I walked without my phone … and I thought … what if I get hurt? I’d die out here. With both my girls only yards away in the house … 🙂

    • Diane (Author)

      So good to laugh, isn’t it? Gotta’ laugh at myself because I do some pretty crazy things at times! Thanks for your comment. I laughed. 🙂

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