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Bra-Shopping Drama

Warning, men..

This is a “bra-g” post, not a blog post.  We’re talking about bras today.

The modus operandi that we women have to go through to find the perfect bra is both traumatic and exhilarating. I have talked with enough women to know that making time to intentionally drive to and enter a lingerie store, be fitted properly and then proceed to try on umpteen different sizes, shapes and styles…well, it’s down right exhausting.

My family and friends would definitely not characterize me as a procrastinator but honestly, I have put off bra-shopping for years. Oh, I have picked up one here and there, when it’s on sale but I’ve never taken the time to go through the process of “finding the perfect fitting bra.”  I had no idea that this type of accomplishment could change my life!  🙂

Last week was my time.

My husband and I were at the mall – we had brought two cars because we were heading different directions after a quick visit to one of our favourite stores.  Once we got what we came for, we walked aimlessly around the mall for a few minutes. (us country folk enjoy the odd mall crawl) Eventually, Chris looked at me and said, “It’s time, Diane.  You have no excuses.  You don’t have to rush off anywhere.  Let’s go bra-shopping.”

Well, I quickly made it explicitly clear that under no condition, were WE going bra-shopping.  Bless his “pea-pickin’ heart” – I love Chris dearly –  but there was no way in the world that I would put him through that kind of agony  ( I don’t know – do men REALLY want to go through this kind of ordeal??) or put myself through that kind of humiliation.  No…this was definitely something that I had to tackle myself. Pardon the pun but it wasn’t his “support” that I was looking for. (If you know what I mean.)

But Chris was right – I had no excuses this time. How ironic it was that we just happened to be having this lovely conversation infront of a store that prides itself on “expert bra fitting.” No excuses, no escape.  The time had come.

Chris headed for Canadian Tire, I took a deep breath, adjusted my ill-fitting bra and bravely entered the “bra cave.” I was greeted by a woman who patiently listened to my plight, introduced me to an expert and the adventure began.

Two hours and 25 bras later…VICTORY! I found the perfect fitting bra.  I can’t begin to express the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that I felt as I walked out of that store with three new bras (when you find that perfect one, you gotta’ go with it)  but I know you women know exactly what I’m talking about! There’s nothing like it – you stand taller and you just feel better about your day.

PLEASE let me know your experience – I KNOW that I’m not the only woman who feels this way!  RIGHT???



  1. Anne Loewen

    Glad it worked for you. As for my $100+ experience, not so much. Turns out that after you’ve had a back injury, having a band width with “two fingers” of room, only makes it worse. Loosey-goosey for me.

    • Diane (Author)

      Definitely not my favourite experience either, Anne but thankful that this particular visit to this particular store has simplified the “trauma” of bra shopping for me. Sorry you haven’t been able to solve the bra problem! 🙂

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