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Do You Feel Shone On?

Oh, how I feel these words.

Life dictates that we rub shoulders with all kinds of people in our day-to-day lives but the people we stay close to are the result of our awareness and choice.

These are the people who are life-giving. They “get” us. They listen to and love us well. We are better for having spent time with them because our hearts are encouraged. We are built up, not torn down. (Ephesians 4.29)

We feel “shone-on.”

How do we stay close to someone? Well, from my experience, it takes work. Even the most natural-feel-good relationships take focus, time and energy. A couple of weeks ago, I quoted Jason Upton’s words about his marriage – “I am partnering with Jesus in the creation of another. ” This perspective motivates and directs me to love my husband with intention, creativity and practicality but isn’t this what we are called to in other close relationships as well? In my“but-a-vapour” life, (James 4.14) I have the opportunity and responsibility to love and help create my friends and family.

I want to stay close to those who feel like sunlight to me  . . . and I desire to be sunlight felt by others.





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