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Cannington Dog-Sled Races

Nothing like 24 hours with the Murley family to lift my spirits!  We had a blast at the Dog Sled Races today!

Everything from  toilet lid tossing… I don’t want to brag but I won…

Dead Ringer!


…to the Big Foot Challenge…I won again…well Anneke and I won..


…to tater tossing…look at that style!

…to ice sculptures…

…to dog sled rides!


Back bacon on a bun, watch broom-ball, great pictures, lots of laughs, leather bracelets, wagon ride, petting baby ponies, igloos, Métis performances, skunk fur hats, more laughs, traveling in the Murley-mobile…good times.

Then back home for more laughter and some heat.

Diane & Margo


Balance Beam?


Di & Scott

Thanks to the Murley family for all the laughs and hugs… to Scott, our wonderful photographer… and to Chris for all the formatting and  embedding the videos/images tonight.  I really didn’t do much today but have fun!

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  1. Leigh

    It just makes me smile to see you love life, and really “live it”. you are so “in the moment” and your laughter is contagious~

  2. Coco

    WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! Diane, you won the toilet lid tossing!!! That’s hilarious! I love those pics when you are on the track!

    Chris looks handsome in the tater tossing competition! LOL

    This is so MUCH fun!!!!

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