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Interesting and effective exercise.

Approximately sixty people, who lead various ministries in our church, got up early on a Saturday morning and met in a heated garage to give their input during a Building Needs Assessment Community Consultation –  big words for a place where adults “get in touch with their inner child” and play with sticker dots.

Actually, I really liked the concept. What a relaxed, creative and informative way to foster community at the same time as acquiring important information about the future needs of a physical church structure. I mean, when you bring sixty passionate people together, you’re bound to have a smattering of opinions about priorities. Mix in some semantic confusion, an industrial heater with a very loud blower, flip-chart paper taped on all four walls, fifteen dots per person and the freedom to dream a little – what do you get? Organized chaos for a short time but eventually a strong visual of what people deem important.

There’s no other way to say it …there’s a “happy factor” to dots. A small diacritic mark can pack a powerful message. This morning, dots represented “support” – everybody got to mingle and talk with their dots at the same time.  The visual result of brightly dotted chart paper spoke volumes and the entire exercise fostered unity and hope.

Dots rule.

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