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Drew’s Nutcracker Collection

When our son was a little boy, his grandpa started giving him nutcrackers for Christmas.  Our daughters received music boxes and Drew got nutcrackers. Now, I must quickly confess that neither of these collections were particularly well received but our kids appreciated the thought behind the gifts.

Honestly, Drew wasn’t excited about these nutcrackers at all. Every year, he would open his present, smile, say “Thank you” and quietly add the new nutcracker to his collection accumulating dust on his bedroom shelf. Meanwhile, as you can see from the feature image, over the years, this collection morphed into nutcrackers socks and ornaments and cookie tins and candles and crafts and snow globes – none of which Drew played with, wore or used.

Eventually, the nutcrackers got packed away in two big containers that have been moved from house to house over the years.

Last week, I was downstairs looking for a spring wreath for our front door and I eyed the containers with “Drew’s Nutcrackers” sloppily written on two sides. I decided it was time to carry them upstairs, air the containers, clean out the dead spiders and spend some time “going down memory lane.”

Oh, how I remember when:

This majestic looking nutcracker cookie jar was filled to the brim with homemade goodies.

My  six-year-old daughter decided to surprise Drew and make a nutcracker out of foam pieces, glue and toothpicks.









Drew found the nutcracker socks sticking out of his Christmas stocking.


I found a Homer Simpson nutcracker for Drew. (He actually thought this was pretty cool.”









I spent hours cross-stitching nutcracker art.










Someone once said, “The past is a good place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.”  

I wholeheartedly agree – but the occasional trip can be oh, so sweet.




  1. Anne Loewen

    And this is the point where you say “Drew, come get your stuff.”

    • Diane (Author)

      EXACTLY! My thoughts exactly!

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