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Family Dinner at Easter – Phoenix Slobodian


Always an adventure when my guest blogger and awesome grandson, 12-year-old Phoenix Slobodian, comes to visit.

Nana: Thanks for taking time for this interview, Phoenie. Much appreciated. So, it’s a long way to drive to get to Nana and Papak’s house. Is that OK for you?

Phoenie: Yah, I’m used to the long distance ’cause I’m on a school bus for at least an hour during the week so driving to your place isn’t too bad. I get to read in the car and I love reading.  Plus, I was really looking forward to seeing you and Papak AND I knew there was chocolate in my near future!

Nana: How was the Easter egg hunt this year at our place?

Phoenie: It was pretty good but when you told me that a friend of mine really wanted to hide eggs for me, I was a bit disappointed because what 13-year-old boy wants to miss out on a ton of chocolate eggs?  I noticed that I didn’t find as many eggs this year and I suspect that A.J ate some of the chocolate instead of hiding it!

Nana: Do you think you’re too old to go on an Easter egg hunt or receive an Easter basket?

Phoenie: That’s a big No. I’m never too old for chocolate and mom always ends up eating some of our Easter eggs too. I’m not planning to stop participating in Easter egg hunts until I find a better way to get free chocolate.

Nana: What was your favourite part of Easter dinner this year?

Phoenie: For sure, the Easter baskets on the kids’ table. Once again, I really like chocolate. I know you think that I ate a lot of chocolate before dinner…and you’re right!

Nana: What was your least favourite part of Easter dinner this year?

Phoenie: I’m sorry Nana to say that I didn’t like the carrots with brown sugar. The carrots were sorta’ oozing but mom made me eat them. I gotta’ say that I was really glad that you pulled out a plate of blue Jelly Jigglers!  Thanks for remembering, Nana!

Nana: Do you know the real reason that Easter is celebrated?

Phoenie: Because that’s when Jesus died on the cross and rose again. I think that sometimes we talk too much about Easter eggs and bunnies and spring instead of the true meaning of Easter but I liked it when we read the Easter story. I totally forgot about when Peter chopped off the guy’s ear but Peter was just trying to protect Jesus.

Nana: What was the most fun part of the day?

Phoenie: I really liked playing football after dinner with my friend, Kelvin. Oh, and you measured me and I learned that I’ve grown three inches in one year!  That feels pretty good.  But I’m still one of the shortest in my Grade.  I guess everyone is growing.

Nana: Next year is going to be different around your house when Easter comes around. Right?

Phoenie: How come?  Oh yah, because my bedroom is going to be in the basement.  I have a baby sister coming in October but I think she will be too young to eat chocolate so I can eat hers too!

Nana: Do you think you will be a good older brother?

Phoenie: Hm…I’m a good older brother to Kiera and Maddie so I think I’ll be good with a baby too. It’s going to be really different having a baby in the house because it’s another person in the house that I have to be careful around so I don’t hit them with my soccer ball.

Nana: Anything else you want to add?

Phoenie: I still really like group hugs with you and Papak.

Nana: That’s really good to know because we love ’em too!

Phoenie: Thanks for the interview, Nana…and I like this picture of me and Kelvin.

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