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We’ve got a little critter under our kitchen sink and I am NOT a happy camper.

I consider myself to be a relatively stable woman but the thought of mice running around my house in the wee hours of the morning mortifies me. I’m embarrassed to admit that for the past week, I haven’t been able to open the cupboard under the sink, for fear of seeing a decapitated mouse and his long, dead tail dangling over the lip of the shelf.

Needing comfort and consolation, I recently confided in my next door neighbour, who quickly retorted with an insensitive, “Well, you live in the country, Diane. Get over it” so I suffer in silence these days, waiting for the end of this calamitous situation.

I have an old neighbour to thank for my “over the top” dramatic reaction to rodents.  Many years ago, I was mowing my front lawn and suddenly, I heard a blood-curdling scream from my neighbour as she ran out her front door, across the street and onto my property.

Janice collapsed into my arms, with tears running down her face and loudly lamented, “Diane, can you help me? She died.” Of course, I assumed that she was talking about her one and only daughter and I immediately went into crisis mode.

“Janice, let’s go back to your house. Did you call 911?” 

Janice looked at me with a strange expression on her face and responded with, “No, I don’t need to call 911. Please come with me.”

I had no idea what to expect but I had recently been trained in crisis intervention and I was confident that I could be of help. As I held Janice closely, I was rehearsing in my mind all the procedures that needed to be done in a sudden death incident. I was ready to respond.

I followed Janice into her home and on the kitchen floor lay a very big and very dead rat.

Janice broke into tears. “I can’t believe she’s dead. We all loved her so much.”

I am not exaggerating when I say that “Skoodles,” the family pet rat, was as big as a cat and had a tail that went on forever.  I had never seen such an ugly rodent in my life and the thought of this thing wandering freely through their house left me utterly speechless. Apparently, Skoodles had recently eaten some glass shards off of the kitchen floor and well…she didn’t look too good. I do believe she experienced a painful death. 

It’s difficult to express the utter disgust I felt that day but I was definitely traumatized…and now I am living this horror.  Ok, Ok…so it’s only one little mouse pitter-pattering around our kitchen cupboard but as far as I’m concerned,  it’s one mouse too many.

Maybe this is good practice for what’s coming next – SPIDER SEASON ON THE SHORES OF LAKE SIMCOE! Actually, the spiders are already here! EEK!

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