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Email Addresses

My almost seven year-old grandson got his first personal email address last week.  He made up his own address because apparently, he feels that he is the “Legoking” of the world.  I had to smile when he sent his first official email to Papak and Nana:

what,s up?

 that,s what,s going up

get it?


Simple, huh?

I remember when I got my first personal email address.  This is a true story. Let me just put this in context – it was a long time ago!

I had absolutely no idea about email addresses so when asked what I wanted, I quickly chose  “[email protected]”.   I actually thought that everyone’s address was yourfirstandmiddlename and then you add  Really.  Didn’t everybody put their email addresses together this way? Chris laughs whenever he hears that story because “nobody else has ever thought that way.”

Simple, huh?

PS. I just want to add that my technological knowledge has increased since that day…but if Chris was here, he most likely would add to that, “not by too much!”  

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  1. leigh

    Wait is there a problem with that way of thinking? i am still [email protected]…and proud of it! xo

  2. Anne

    Oh – so that’s what it means – was wondering if your sentence was just incomplete as in “Diane Mary is …..”

  3. Funny!
    Maddie my six year old granddaughter has an email address too and I just love the little notes I get from her.
    Actually Diane, you aren’t so strange !!! Our cousin from Calagary, the married one, has her first name and them “[email protected]”. Tell Chris that she is HIS blood relative:))

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