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Encouragement For Your 2017 Journey

What a beautiful picture and comforting perspective on the year to come.

Here is a snippet from Kathryn Klassen’s blog, A Little Bit of Leaven. 

In anticipating the year ahead I was reminded how as kids we used to run to the railroad tracks and bend down to hear if a train was coming. We would do this in hopes that one was coming.

As 2017 is upon us, let us bend down to hear what God is bringing our way. Yes there are perplexities and no doubt unexpected bends in the road, yet God’s Kingdom will be advancing in the year ahead.  It is a given. You and I are a part of this advancement, so let’s be on the lookout.  As you cross the threshold into the new year be expectant for God to bring great blessing and breakthrough your way.   Don’t let the enemy’s lies of dread rob your joy.  In this year be on the look out for God’s Spirit to give you more than enough courage and comfort to strengthen you for the days ahead.  Make a commitment to do some ‘body-building’ of your own every time you feel the drafts of discouragement blowing in.  Let’s go forth together with confidence and anticipation for a blessed new year!


This year, let us dissolve all our hopes into a single hope, to know Christ and to be found in Him. May this be the year to desire a radically transformed, deeper, truer, knowing Christ as our All –  Sufficient One. Elisabeth Elliot

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