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Everyone Needs a Sanctuary

How blessed I am to experience this beautiful haven of rest and security that a dear friend has created for herself.

Thanks for sharing, friend!

We all need that place where we kick off our shoes, snuggle under some blankets, plug into some good music and chill.

We need that soft landing where we can cry and tell Jesus about what’s hurting because it’s Ok to not be OK. We need that home base where we can smile and tell Him what we’re thankful for…

…but most important, we need that quiet place where we can be still and listen to His voice.

“You are welcome here, Abba Father. You know me. You love me.  You’re interested in my life.

You are welcome here, Abba Father and I want to be aware of how You’re moving in my life, other’s lives and in the world. 

Come Holy Spirit, come.”



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