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Expressions of Love

Airports are a place to watch memorable moments.

As Chris and I were standing in line for customs, I looked behind me and saw a couple in the distance,  holding hands. They were gazing romantically in each other’s eyes and I guessed that they were preparing to depart from one another. Right beside them stood another man.

This is what I saw:

Stage 1. Man 1 and woman hugged each other. It was a long hug . . . maybe two minutes. Man 2 stood patiently beside the couple and waited.

Stage 2. Man 1 held woman tightly with one arm and put his other hand on top of woman’s head. He began to pray – and he prayed for a long time . . . maybe five minutes.  Man 2 continued to stand patiently beside the couple.

Stage 3. Woman held onto Man 1 with one arm and put her other hand on top of Man 1’s head.  She began to pray – and she also prayed for a long time . . . probably about three minutes.  Man 2 continued to patiently stand beside the couple and wait. He looked around, looked down, stared out the window but he didn’t move from his place.

Stage 4. Romantic couple embrace each other and hugged once again – another two minutes. Woman begins to cry and man comforts her. They kiss. It takes a couple more minutes for the woman to stop crying and prepare to get on the plane.  Man 2 is still waiting.

Now, if you count up the minutes, you will calculate that Man 2 stood in one place and waited patiently for twelve minutes.

Twelve minutes is a long time to hug and pray.

Twelve minutes is a long time to wait patiently for your friends/family members to leave each other.

I kept turning my head and watching all this unfold. I also continued to keep Chris up to date with what was happening. Even Chris kept his eye on the couple and was quite impressed with the patience of the Man 2.

The romantic couple finally said their good-byes and then Man 2 and the woman got in line for the plane. Man 1 began to walk away but then returned to say good bye one more time.

What did Chris and I learn from this episode?

  1. True love is patient. Not once did Man 2 show any frustration. He quietly waited for the couple to say their good-byes.
  2. True love is others-centered. Both Chris and I were so impressed with the lengthy, loving prayers that both Man 1 and the woman spoke to each other.Their prayers were physical as they put their hands on each other’s heads and prayed. Their prayers were earnest and honest and caring. I could see them listening well and being comforted by each other’s words. We were also impressed that Man 2 was content to wait as long as the other two people needed.
  3. True love prays. How beautiful it was to witness this intimate moment. There they were, standing in the middle of the terminal, completely oblivious to all the people passing by – trusting and entrusting each other’s lives to God.

I will remember this couple. They touched my heart.

I was blessed to have witnessed true love.

Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16.14

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