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Fae Has A Way

What a great afternoon. My friend taught me how to use her loom and I made a dishrag.

The  pattern…

Loom 1

the work….

Loom 3

the result
loom 6

…and the master..

loom 5

I made many mistakes but my teacher was patient with me. I couldn’t help but take note of her loving, gentle ways as she stood beside me, corrected my mistakes and rescued flying loom accessories, when necessary. Now I know how to throw the shuttle, thread the heddles, bring down the beater and beam the warf.  The goal was to make a 32-inch dish towel but I was more than pleased to complete and bring home a 12-inch dish rag.

Never in a million years would I have ever attempted such a delicate, detailed artform as weaving on my own but Fae is a master teacher and when you are blessed with such a person in your life, nothing seems impossible.

Fae created the ideal environment for learning – her passion for creating beautiful things is so evident that it was tough not to get drawn into her world.

Fae was humble.  She knew her stuff – all her creations have been completed with such a standard of excellence –  but she was also relaxed and very accepting of my very s-l-0-w pace.

Fae was patient and persevering.  There was never a time I felt self-conscious of my total ineptness. She stayed close by and lovingly instructed.

Fae was encouraging and truly celebrated my learning.

Fae is a wonderful teacher…and a wonderful friend.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.   Albert Einstein

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