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Fairy Party in the Neighbourhood

I was so excited about the fairy party this afternoon that it took a long time for me to fall asleep last night.

Today was the day. Fairy party at my place.


Someone very special is turning eight this weekend and I decided it would be good if the neighbours and I celebrated with her a bit earlier.

Surprise party started at 4:15  . . . and the birthday girl was definitely surprised.

I’ve got amazing neighbours and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


We played Pass the Treasure and Floating Wuzzles and Bumblebee Relay.


We ate Fairy cake and confetti cupcakes, Jello Jigglers and chocolate ribbon cake.

Very interesting Fairy cake indeed. It sure didn’t look like the one in the fairy book but according to everyone present at our fairy party, it was a real hit.

By the way, those are fairy wings, a tutu and a cape on the top of the cake.



There is something very memorable about reminding a little girl that her presence on this earth is celebrated by many.

To be honest, I’m truly exhausted. Long bike ride early this morning and a wonderful time in the lake with a fellow cyclist who is aiming to complete 65 kilometers on her 65th birthday. Great idea! Blowing up balloons, setting table, baking, wrapping presents…

…followed by a tutoring session…

…followed by a fairy party.

…followed by cleaning up.

Visitors tonight. We sat on the deck in the dark, listening to the waves lapping, enjoying a cup of chai tea together – laughing, telling stories, just being together.

So simple.

Long day but oh, what a good day.

The older I get, the more it seems that the little things are big – like fairies.




**  For those who would like to host a fairy party, check out this book – lots of fun ideas!



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