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Fascinating Fascinators

I stumbled down the stairs at a ridiculous hour this morning, just in time to help my friend with the finishing touches on a homemade quiche.  Yes…confession time… I actually watched the entire royal wedding LIVE, along with fourteen other women, decked out in a interesting display of majestic finery with a dash of pajamas.  This unique group of women displayed it all –  tiaras, white gloves, fake Lady Diana rings and even the odd Fascinator.

 ** Fascinators are decorative trappings made of fanciful materials such as feathers, flowers, lace or beads. They’re typically attached to hats or worn in one’s hair in lieu of a hat, along with formal attire.**  I add this definition because this was a new word in many of our vocabularies.  

What a crazy but memorable way to start the day!  It takes a committed group of women to rise before the sun does and gather together to watch such an elaborate pageant of colors, fashion and tradition.  This early  “up and at ’em”  foolery was well worth it, just to witness the incredible headgear on some of the female wedding guests.  Without a doubt, there will be many Saturday Night Live skits featuring those hats!

Linda was our host – gracious and creative as always – and she started the Royal Wedding party with orange juice and champagne, followed by a rich smorgasbord of tantalizing hors d’oeuvres, fresh fruit, gluten free muffins, delicious scones, quiche and french toast smothered with apples and cinnamon.  Coffee and tea trailed the breakfast and we continued to eat..I mean “celebrate”…  with a gorgeous wedding cake topped with slivers of white chocolate. It was divine.

I brought a dear friend to the party.   Coco is a 20-year-old Chinese student who lived with Chris and I for two years during High School.   She just finished her second year at Queens University and decided to visit us for the weekend.  What a surprise it was for her to watch this strange group of women take part in such an odd ritual.  Initially, she communicated the following;

“I was surprised to see how serious and passionate these women were to wake up at such an early hour and watch a 23 million dollar  wedding.  For Chinese people, royalty is a thing of the past.  It’s just a symbolic thing and I can’t see the practicality of the monarchy.”

OK…but here’s a radically different perspective strongly communicated by one of the faithful royal “watchers”.

There are so many terrible and sad things going on in this world.  What a wonderful thing to get lost in the fun and the lightness of watching happy news.  There’s a reason that millions of people watched this wedding.  It’s steeped with tradition and it’s an occasion of celebration.  People just feel good watching something happy for a change.”

After the party was over and a long recovery nap, Coco changed her opinion.  She loved every minute of  the celebration.  I don’t think I will ever convince her to buy one of those hats but in her commitment to ” try crazy things“, this was an experience she will never forget.

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  1. Kathy

    What fun!!! I got up at 5 am to watch it with a pot of coffee and Swedish Pancakes. What a beautiful occasion ! Sounds like you had a wonderful time … And such sumptuous goodies!
    I too googled the definition of fascinators!!! Fascinating!!!! I can see it now…. Having to avoid those feathers in a crowd!!
    Happy memories!

  2. leigh

    i too, was up watching at 4, and with all the devastation going on down here in the south, watching this joy-filled celebration was a much needed “lift”. i put myself in that gorgeous dress and just imagined it was Leigh… and Jesus my groom was at the end of the aisle, with out-stretched arms. one day it will be! xo

  3. Linda

    It was so much fun to hang out and eat and oooo and ahhhh at all the facinators! I’m sure that will be the new style in Canada before long! Also congratulations to Coco for winning the prize for the best likeness of Kate’s gown. Good sketchin’ Coco! Enjoyed having everyone over! xo

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