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First Snow Day Of The Season

It may not be the most convenient news for parents who scramble for emergency daycare arrangements but as a child and a teacher, SNOW DAY is a wonderful gift! I have vivid memories of waking up to the weather report on the radio when I was a young mother and happily anticipating the potential adventures of frolicking in the snow with our three kids. Now as we all must confess, fort stories are like fishing stories in that the more you tell them, the bigger the snow fort gets but I do remember a snow dump years ago when the kids and I wrapped up in every warm piece of clothing we owned and ventured out to the end of the driveway, where we proceeded to create the biggest, bestest snowfort/igloo-world EVER! I remember being out side for hours, only briefly interrupted by bathroom, hot chocolate and lunch breaks. I’m sure there are pictures of our winter wonderland creation safely tucked away in each of our childrens’ scrapbooks.

Two winters ago, we had an awesome snow dump here in Beaverton and tutoring became a snow tunnel digging challenge. The snow was up to our waists and we worked so hard, scooping snow and burrowing tunnels all through the back yard. Now you may be asking yourself, “How’s that tutoring?”  Honestly, we worked through so much practical math that day while planning the snow tunnel routes and the creative stories that came out of this adventure were filled with new adjectives, proper use of quotation marks, great paragraphs and even a couple of amazing speeches. The kids experienced such pride at a job well done and the experience was overflowing with memorable learning moments. My students know that learning can happen anywhere, anytime and anyway.

So, bring it on! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!




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