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First Snow Storm . . . But Not the First Complaint

Amazing storm last night.

Chris and I fell asleep by the sound of a wind blowing lullaby and we woke up to this loveliness.

first snow storm

The lake is beginning to freeze over – good thing we took the dock out last weekend! We’ve got snow drifts piling up near the boat house and icicles on our swing by the waterside.

It’s beautiful . . . but then again, I don’t have to drive in it.

No wait!  No buts . . . It’s beautiful — period.

I have to watch my tongue when it comes to my opinions about winter because most people who talk about weather on a regular basis really do detest the cold and snow. I remember doing an informal survey of my customers at smallMart last year about this time and about 80% of them walked into the store, complaining about the weather.

What I want to say to these people is, “We live in Canada and we are so blessed to experience four very distinct seasons” but usually, I just smile and don’t say anything. However, one day last year, I did politely challenge a customer about his attitude. He walked into the store, mumbling under his breath about the cold wind and the snow. I knew this man and I responded to his complaining with a question that led into a revealing conversation:

“So Peter, what kind of weather would you rather have?

“I like the heat.”

“Actually, Peter, you don’t like the heat either. I remember you complaining about that last summer.”

“Well, I like the spring.”

“But you don’t like the rain. Remember that day you came into the store, looking for an umbrella because you “hate the wet weather?”

Peter was getting a bit irritated because I was calling him on his bad attitude but he kept going.

“Autumn is my favourite season . . . but I have to admit, I don’t like the wind off the water. We live on the water and that wind can be so annoying.”

I took this little window of opportunity because I wanted Peter to know that he was grumbling about everything.

“Peter, from what I gather, you don’t like the winter, fall, summer OR spring.

Peter looked at me and smiled.

“OK, Diane. You’ve made your point. I’m a grumbler, right?”

I smiled back. 

“You said it. I didn’t . . . but it is an astute observation, my friend.”

A friend of mine wrote this on Facebook this morning. I like her attitude.

Everyone else is complaining about the snow, the cold, shovelling, and lost mittens… And I’m over here “SNOW DAY! Let’s bake gingerbread cookies and go build a snowman!”  Why am I so happy about this weather? My New Year’s goal was to not complain about the weather. Such a small thing, till you stop doing it and realize how pointless negativity is. Yeah, it may suck and you don’t like it. But being miserable about it isn’t going to make it go away, and any kind of negative is still negative. Get rid of the negative. Start thinking positive. Happy thoughts are contagious.

I think Lesley’s got something good going on here.

When we change our attitude, nothing changes but everything changes. You know what I mean?

So often, it all boils down to attitude, doesn’t it? I don’t like being called on the need for an “attitude adjustment” at times but ultimately, I do appreciate the wake-up call to look to Jesus for a change of perspective and a good dose of joy.

So, happy mitten-finding, snowman-making, driveway-shovelling and gingerbread cookie-making for those who are blessed with snow today!

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5.16 NIV







  1. Kathy

    Hmmm. Guess I also talk about the weather. Part of being Canadian. Eh?
    I’ll try not to complain but just comment:)

    • Diane (Author)

      I never think of you as a weather-talker, Kathy! You’re far too interesting! 🙂

  2. The Bickersons

    Already!?! Wow!

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