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Fishin’ Peace

When Chris and I were dating, I bought him these two little, bobbing, happy heads.  I think they are one of Chris’ favorite gifts.  They sit on the shelf in our office and when they are exposed to light, their heads start to nod…and they nod until night comes.  They fish and they smile.  Chris loves to watch them because their movement is simple and their life is serene.  This is definitely a model of Chris’ happy place. Sometimes, I will walk into the office and catch him sitting at his desk, staring at these happy heads.  I know that he’s zoned out, most likely thinking about fishing this summer.

zen fishing

Chris loves to relax and he does it well.  I don’t succumb to relaxation as easily…but I’m getting better.   It’s all about balance, isn’t it?

Working hard. Playing hard. Resting hard. All three of these activities honor God.

It’s taken me a long time to find balance in my life. I lean more towards goal-setting, productivity and speed.  I love to multi-task and find great satisfaction in checking off the “to-do list”, one item at a time.   However, things are changing. Marrying Chris has made me enjoy slowing down.

I desire more peace and often more quiet in my life now.  I don’t think it has as much to do with my age as it does with my spirit.  I love to stare out our window and watch the daily changes on the water.  I want to take time to watch the seagulls hitching a ride on an ice chunk or the synchronized duck dives performed by our new lake inhabitants.  I want to prepare for the annual spider invasion coming soon on the east side of our house and soak in every color of the evening sunsets on the lake front.

I can’t do this when I’m running around.  Nowadays, I find myself deliberately stopping throughout the day to watch and listen.

I want to experience the “fishin’ peace” all day, ’til the sun goes down.

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  1. Dawne

    Funny, mom…just today guy told me i was like you for this exact reason!! – that i am always trying to do a thousand things a day just so i can feel like i did a thousand things…and it always just gets me frustrated! I’m good at relaxing and being REALLY lazy when i come to your place though – as you well know;) xo

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