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Flat Cookies

I warned him.

“These cookies aren’t looking so great, Glen but I think they will taste OK. But if you don’t like them, you don’t have to eat them.”

I was a bit embarrassed. I mean, how many times have I made chocolate chip cookies in my life time? – maybe about a million times? They always look and taste wonderful but these ones?…well, I’m not sure what happened.

When we arrived home from school, Glen and I spontaneously decided to cook up a batch of cookies and do our reading during the 14 minutes of baking. It was tough for Glen to concentrate because he was constantly distracted by the alluring smell coming out of the oven but we got through the reading, the cookies cooled and we finished the book, just in time for “someone” to sample the final product.

“Oh boy, these cookies are flat. I mean, I’ve never seen such flat cookies” was all I could say as I stared at these wafer-thin marvels.

Meanwhile, Glen had already wolfed down four of them.

“These are the best thing I’ve ever eaten, Diane.” (as he reached for a fifth cookie). “I mean, your banana bread is the second best banana bread I’ve tasted but these cookies are the absolute best.”

I resisted the compliment. “Yah, but they don’t look so great. Sorry about that. I don’t know what I did wrong.”

Then the statement of the day came out of this nine-year-old boy’s mouth.

“Doesn’t matter one bit what they look like. It’s what’s inside that’s important.”

You see, I followed the recipe to a T – at least, I thought I did. Follow the rules and everything will go right, right?


Sometimes, the most innovative, creative results happen when you goof up, pay attention and learn.

And Glen spoke truth when he reminded me, “It’s what inside that’s important.”

So, I sent him home with a bag of cookies and this morning, I made another batch, intentionally wrong, so Glen could enjoy them once again this afternoon. (By the way, the mistake I made was that I substituted butter instead of margarine and along the crease of this grease-stained, old recipe was written, “3 cups oatmeal” which I hadn’t seen)

This reminds of something I recently read:



  1. Kathy

    Good lesson!!

  2. Diane (Author)

    Great reminder for sure! I’m always learning from my students!

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