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Fortifying Calm

In this crazy world, calm is indeed a super power.

So many people pummel their way through a frenzied life fraught with anxiety, stress and worry.  Some of this heaviness is inevitable – this world is messy and demanding of our senses.

But we do not need to settle into a frantic pace of daily “doing”.

There is “calm” to be experienced . . .

. . . but it’s not self-made.

Calm comes from faith in a power far greater than anything we could ever muster up.

God IS a super power. A supernatural power who grounds and roots, quiets and settles.

When I think back on my life, I remember seasons of great anxiety – embarrassment as a child because of divorced parents, nervousness as an athlete, fear of death in my late teens, great insecurity about becoming a mother, uncertainty as a parent and a brutal bout of crippling insomnia after my third child was born.

Discipline to learn and act on biblical truth has lifted a great deal of anxiety from my life.

Maturity has helped settle me.

Recognizing lies and distortions has given me freedom.

But if I’m really honest, I must confess that there are still times when peace and calm elude me – until I choose to stop, refocus and claim life-giving truth.

It doesn’t come naturally for me . . .

. . . because calm is a super power.

A bulletin board thumb-tacked with my favourite reminders stares me in the face when I sit at my desk.

Music quiets my soul.

Tea with friends centres me.

But the Word of God grounds me.

Thou will give them pure calm when they keep body, mind, soul firm with thee.         Isaiah 26.3





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