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Five Different Perspectives

Take a look at this video.

What were your thoughts on this short animated film?

I was really fascinated at the range of response in our family.

Phoenie (12 years old)  

I didn’t see the 9/11 comparison at all. Didn’t even think about it. I really liked the animation and I like the story. I thought it was really funny and I really wanted Nana to watch it.

Coco (27 years old)

I saw the 9/11 comparison but I am very aware that this film was not done from the evil side. There wasn’t any intentional destructive behaviour.  I thought the movie was really creative and from the delivery man’s perspective, it was really funny.

Dawne (33 years old)

I didn’t understand the movie at all and I don’t like cartoons. I was totally bored but I definitely did see the 9/11 comparison.

Chris (56 years old)

I found this film amusing. (I heard Chris chuckling throughout the film) It reminded me of a student film that might have been made in college or university. The 9/11 scenario triggered my memory but not to an emotional level. Didn’t bother me at all.

Diane (60 years old)

I immediately saw the 9/11 comparison.  I was disturbed through the entire video and found it difficult to concentrate once I saw the 9/11 scenario played out. I did appreciate the humour at times but these funny parts were heavily overshadowed by the enactment of 9/11. 

So interesting to me that we can all watch the same film and have such varying opinions.

I suppose age, gender and personality play a part in the different perspectives but I do believe that when we live through trauma secondarily (i.e. 9/11) it can leave a deep mark in our minds and hearts because of the emotions attached to it. When that plane flew through what was actually the delivery man’s shoe, I felt deep sadness and momentarily, I felt great anger that anyone would choose to re-enact such a tragic event. 9/11 is one of those few occurrences that I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when it happened. Phoenie, on the other hand, wasn’t even born in 2001 so there were no emotions attached to watching the cartoon enactment. Dawne, Coco and Chris were certainly aware of the 9/11 catastrophe but reacted very differently because of personality, age and gender.

Sure does say something about perspective, doesn’t it? Put the five of us in a room, ask us about pretty much anything and most likely, you will hear a smorgasbord of opinions and emotions.

So wonder there’s so much conflict and so many unresolved relationships in our lives.  This was just a five minute animated film and we experienced five completely different responses. It was easy to listen to and accept each other’s responses about this film but what about our feelings regarding our values, beliefs and opinions?

Then it gets tougher, right? Then it takes intention and love and forgiveness and authentic listening and acceptance and grace and patience.

And in my opinion, it takes Jesus. Oh, do we need Jesus. 

…just something to think about.





  1. Anne Loewen

    Not sure what the point of the film was except I found it in bad taste, on a level with mocking the Holocaust. Rolling pop can reminded me of the tsunami. Neither event should be made into something humorous. Cranky 64-year old lady’s opinion.

    • Diane (Author)

      I think that’s where my head was too when I watched this video but you express it better. Thanks, Anne.

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