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Fresh Lemonade, Anyone?

Last night, our grandson, Phoenie and his friend, Jacob decided that they wanted to open a lemonade stand. They got busy, creating signs, talking through their business plan, (“When we borrow a table from the neighbours, we can give them a free glass of lemonade. It’s good business.”)  picking fresh mint from the garden, squeezing lemonades and limes and deciding what candies they could use for prizes.

Jacob was filled with creative ideas.

We have to think of some kind of entertainment.”

“If you get a mint leaf in your glass, you get a prize.”

“We could juggle.”

The decision was finally made.  “Make your own candy. The customers will draw their own candy on a piece of paper and put their address on the paper too. We will make the candy out of stuff you can’t eat and then send the candy to them.”

We’ll see how THAT goes. 

 Here’s the final display…now, it’s time to test the product.

Today was a big day for these two entrepreneurs.

Phoenie and Jacob had to jump on Uncle Drew to get him out of bed and it took a good wrestle and some stuffed animal throwing to be successful but eventually, Uncle Drew helped the boys carry the lemonade stand down the road and across the train tracks – they wanted to set up in the most strategic place and this is where the most cars pass.

Then they waited for some customers to drive by. It was about 10:00 a.m.

Doesn’t Uncle Drew look excited?

10:30 a.m.  – first customer. Apparently, the boys were so excited, they ran across the road, waving their arms and  screaming!

11:00 a.m. –  four customers so far ( well, actually only two but two other people promised to buy some lemonade on their way back.)

11:30 a.m. – the boys have made $4.00! They are elated.

noon –  $8. 25 profit!

12:30 p.m. $13.25 profit ( with a little help from nana!)


1:00 p.m. resume sales

2:15 time to go home. Two pooped little guys.

Final revenue?  $24.00

Enjoyment and pride?  Priceless

Maybe next year, Jacob and Phoenie can figure out a way to charge a toll fee to cross the railroad tracks!

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  1. Kathy taylor

    Hot weather. Creative minds. Time on their hands. No t-shirts.
    Gave me such a feeling of nostalgia from my childhood. Phoenix and Jacob reminded me of my brothers during those sticky days of summer, with the promise of profit!

    • Yah, it was really fun to watch these two little guys. Neighbours were kind and generous and the boys were ever so polite. I appreciated Drew’s involvement too!

      • Kathy taylor

        Yes uncle Drew was their security guard!
        Who knows what lurks around a corner?
        Nice to see him (in a photo). He certainly is a “handsome lad”.

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