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Fresh Wonder

It’s over-the-top emotional being the mom of the mom of a newborn and I am so thankful, I feel like I’m actually going to burst.

This afternoon, I am coming back down to earth and blogging my way out of an exhausting and emotional fog. I’ve only written two sentences and I made six spelling mistakes. I think it’s time for a nap.

I also think six days of waiting for little Poppy to be born did me in – a good reminder why younger people have babies! Today, it’s back to reality and I’ve been teary since the moment I got out of bed.

Brilliant moments of the week?

Rubbing my daughter’s belly every night while we waited for Poppy to be born.

Good bedtime conversations and prayer with Phoenie about being a big brother soon.

Getting the call for my daughter to go into the hospital for induction. BIG family celebration for THIS news, let me tell you!

Poppy’s eight-year-old sister grinning and saying,  “I feel older now” when she met Poppy.

The first time Dawne and I looked at each other after Poppy was born and we both broke into tears. That is a moment that is etched in my mind, just like the moment when Dawne gave birth to Phoenie.

The moment I met that used-to-be bump in Dawne’s belly. My heart melted when I met Poppy. I don’t think there is any deeper or more intense human love felt than the emotions experienced when a child is born.

Absolute bliss – a few moments when the world feels like it’s supposed to be.  As my sister-in-law recently expressed, “so fresh from Heaven…a breath of God.”

New life.

Tiny toes.

Little hiccups.

Soft skin.

Baby smell.

All swaddled in a warm blanket and a knitted hat with ears.

The last time I took so many pictures of exactly the same moment was during my first ever flight at 17 years old, when I took three rolls of film of sky and clouds. Mesmerizing.

Poppy? Captivating.

Poppy’s mom? Never so beautiful and nurturing.

There is nothing like a mother’s love for her newborn. Exhausted, yet exhilarated. Too sore to move too far too fast but willing to push heaven and earth to give birth. Overwhelmed yet solidly settled in love.

Awe struck and she almost forgets to breathe because Poppy’s a miracle.

Mom just wants to stop time and soak in the moment. Take it all in.

Every freckle.

The roll of skin under her baby’s armpits.

The extra long thumb nail and the wisps of fine hair.

Her perfectly formed ears and nose.

Fresh wonder.
















  1. Jessie burgess

    Such a precious baby…the miracle of birth. Congratulations to you all. God be praised for this beautiful child. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

    • Diane (Author)

      Amen and Amen to that, Mrs. B!

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