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Gallows Humour

Chris and I arrived early to the movie theater so I coerced him into taking a drive through ‘the old neighborhood’. I just love the feeling of driving by our house because this is where the kids grew up.

I can picture Danae’s red and white IKEA bedroom with the fort underneath the bed and her play kitchen tucked in the corner…and Dawne’s kindergarten reading pillow proudly displayed in the kitchen, along side all her homemade crafts, Drew was often sitting on the rug, playing Cowboys and Indians and I can vividly remember him flying off the living room couch one day, resulting in the tiniest little arm cast you could ever imagine. Of course, there was the worn out patch of grass under the umbrella tree in the front lawn, that all the neighborhood kids would slide into after running around the makeshift bases marked with various pieces of clothing. Those were good days.

Our house backed on to a road that led to a cemetery at the top of a hill and our kitchen boasted a huge window, looking out to the backyard and beyond.

One winter morning, I was making muffins and I noticed one of the big cargo trucks, transferring a vaulted casket up the slippery hill. This was not an unusual sight given the cemetery nearby but suddenly, the vault slid off the end of the truck, smashed to the ground, tobogganed down the hill and propelled itself right into our chain link fence. I found it rather amusing to watch this little comedy of errors unfold, trying not to think too vividly about the corpse in the casket.

The two teenage boys quickly enlisted the help of another truckload of boys and about an hour later, the escapade was coming to a close – or so I thought. As the truck began to make its way up the hill once again, one of the hoisting ropes got tangled in our fence and Act Two consisted of our entire chain link fence being pulled out of the ground and dragged behind the truck. The boys were oblivious to the circumstances so they continued driving up the hill with our entire back yard fence. At this point, it wasn’t so funny and I headed up the hill to claim my belongings.

Who says you can’t take it with you?

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  1. Danae

    hmmm..note you gave drew a cast…which means a trip to the hosdpital… i see how it is mother 🙂

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