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Getting Older

Thank you for this beautiful thought, Natalie. 

It’s true.

I do love getting older – for all the above reasons . . . and so much more.

I see life from a very different perspective these days.

Life is wider. Deeper. Richer.

I appreciate Victoria Erikson’s statement – “I can see what connects” and I would add that I can see what matters.

As I look back and reflect, I can make more sense of the pain and the loss – yet I surrender to the reality that there is even more of life that I don’t understand. I have learned to rest in the truth that God’s mysteries are profound, His love is perfect and His Hand is comforting. My desire to know Him has deepened, yet the ability to be still before Him – less performance, less approval, less need to be understood – has resulted in authentic healing to my being. So many big things have indeed become the small things, I move slower and I see more. Laughter lingers, sleep is restorative, thankfulness is deeply felt and relationships are cherished.

It’s taken 60 years to find semblance of balance.

So, I don’t complain about getting older.






  1. thanks so much for the reblog and the wise comments about getting older. 🙂 <3

    • Diane (Author)

      You’re so very welcome, Natalie.

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