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Glorious Saturday

This has been a glorious day – it started with a good sleep-in.  Chris and I woke up to the beautiful sound of lapping waves and the delightful realization that we had no formal commitments planned for our day.  Boo, one of our temporary house guests, had nestled into an empty suitcase for a good night’s sleep but this morning, had discovered his own private tanning salon in the hall.  He was lying on his back, basking in the bright light of one intense sun beam bursting through the window.  What a simple pleasure to watch a cat enjoy himself so thoroughly.  Our other guest, Coco, was still sleeping, apparently undisturbed by the heavy night trains that occasionally shake the foundations of our house.

The weather was screaming, “bike ride!!”  and I agreed.  I wolfed down my smoothie and my Bran Flakes, jumped on my bike and started pedaling, craftily dodging all the potholes and puddles that had settled on our road.  Saturday mornings are a great day to cycle because the trucks aren’t consuming the highways and people are still drinking their lazy coffees before heading out to do weekend chores.  I can confidently ride without worrying about the traffic and it’s a good time to listen and talk to God.  I enjoy the solitude and the exercise.  It’s a good mix for me.

I returned home in one piece, just in time for my neighbours, Werner and Erna, to announce the exciting news that they had just brought us free horse manure for our vegetable garden AND if we hurried, we could go and get a load of free compost at the hockey arena.  How good is that???

Of course, the highlight of the day has been getting our boat out of storage! Chris has a mile-wide smile as he struts through the town, with his boat hitched to the Jimmy.  It’s going to be a good summer.  A man and his boat – there’s nothing quite like it.

It’s late afternoon, the music is blaring and I’m sitting at the kitchen table, watching Coco attack some meat.  It’s really humorous.   Last time she cooked for us, we ate runny eggs cooked in water, served over tomatoes.  I’m hoping that her cooking skills have improved.  Right now, she is looking for “a basket that goes through the water”  so I better rescue her… and her English.

I hope you’re having a glorious Saturday.

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